Things to Do If You’re Charged with DUI 

It can be an extremely confusing and scary event if you’ve been arrested for DUI. This is particularly true if it’s your first time. You probably have a lot of questions in mind. Will you lose your driver’s license right away? How could you guarantee you’ve got the defense that you require? What steps do you have to take?  


The outcomes of a DUI conviction can be the same, whether you had a couple of drinks or a single shot. Luckily, you can fight DUI if possible. This is particularly true if you take the proper steps right away after the arrest. It’s vital to your protection and the result of your arrest. From hiring Fort Myers DUI lawyers to getting ready for arraignment, here are several things you need to do: 

Take the Chemical Evaluation After the Conviction 

Almost every state requires this test. If you refuse, you can be punished under the law. The chemical evaluation is made to show a range of details. Typically, it focuses on the blood alcohol level you have during that time. From that, the authorities can gather details about the alcohol level in your blood. If you didn’t take the field sobriety checks, you’ve got a lot to lose if you refuse the chemical test. Thus, you need to take it.  

Call a DUI Lawyer 

You shouldn’t hire a general lawyer for DUI cases in court. DUI laws are complicated. They need an in-depth knowledge of its legal system in an extremely detailed approach. Though other lawyers might be able to represent you in court, only a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases can hope to gain you a favorable result in your DUI defense.  

Look for a Bail Bondsman 

Oftentimes, posting bail is needed after an arrest. Though almost every person might be released without bail, a couple of cases need the help of a bondsman. These people will need an upfront fee. However, they’ll post bail for you once you pay the fee. Though this can be costly, it’s a lot more affordable compared to paying your whole bail to the court. A bail bondsman ensures that you’ll be at the hearing. The bondsman will probably look for you if you don’t appear during every hearing.  

Ask for a DMV Hearing 

You’ve got a limited number of days to make a formal request for a DMV hearing after your time of the arrest. Typically, you’ll have 10 days. This includes holidays and weekends. The hearing will identify whether you’re permitted to keep your driver’s license. Your licenses would be suspended right away if you or your lawyer don’t ask for a DMV hearing.  

Get Ready for Arraignment 

For those who don’t know, the part of the trail where you provide your plea is known as an arraignment. You shouldn’t plead guilty. There’s a possibility that you can fight and win. Unfortunately, you’ve got to guarantee that you hire a professional and experienced lawyer to help you. If you don’t plead guilty, you’ll be provided a jury trial. This will allow you to show that you aren’t drunk while driving.   

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