Expecting Moms’ Guide to Good Oral Health

When you’re pregnant, you actually face new set of rules when it comes to your drinking, eating and moving routine. Certainly, no one would think twice about eating tuna or standing near a microwave until they get pregnant. On top of the rules that your doctor might tell you, there are a lot of old wives’ tales that can confuse you, not to mention all the unsolicited advice that you will get from other mothers.  

Due to the confusing misinformation that is bouncing around, we are here to set the record straight regarding with dental care and pregnancy. In this article, you will be able to learn some dental hygiene tips during pregnancy. 

Should You Be Afraid of Tooth Decay? 

Morning sickness is surely not enjoyable for a lot of reasons, but the less obvious result of having to vomit frequently is the increased risk for tooth decay and cavities. If you come to think about it, it is actually very obvious.  

When an individual vomits, you are already exposing your teeth to more acid compared to what they are really exposed to. If you vomit frequently, your teeth will have to deal with the acid a lot more. 

Is It Normal to Have Bleeding Gums? 

Sometimes, one of the very first signs of pregnancy is the bleeding gums. However, changing hormones because of pregnancy can lead to inflammation, tenderness, and swelling in the gums. Furthermore, you might also experience bleeding gums while you floss or brush, or other symptoms might arise seemingly. 

Tumors During Pregnancy 

Before you go panicking, try to understand first that this sounds more severe than you think it is. Basically, other women might experience abnormal swelling, which appears to be a tumor. But, this kind of swelling is not cancerous as it is only temporary. The swelling that is accompanied by bleeding at times will go down once you’re not pregnant anymore. 

Tooth Care Tips During Pregnancy  

How do you fight these extra oral care problems and give your teeth the chance at staying strong and healthy during your entire pregnancy? Consider the steps below. 

Always brush your teeth every after meal and after vomiting. Continue flossing even if you’re already experiencing bleeding gums. A much softer toothbrush might be needed to prevent your gums from bleeding while you care for your teeth. 

You can use your trimesters to know when you must replace your toothbrush. It’s extremely common for people to forget to replace their toothbrush so make it a goal to replace your toothbrush in every beginning of your trimester.  

Make an appointment to your dentist during your pregnancy’s second trimester. Once you have reached your 3rd trimester, you may experience troubles lying on your back, even though your dentist’s chair is extremely comfortable. Grab a pillow as well as uncross legs in order to keep yourself very comfortable during your appointment. Lastly, make sure that you only go to the most professional and reputable dentist the Woodlands TX